Superhero History

A compendium of superhero history in the town of San Fernando, dating back many years.

Golden Age:

1919 – Edward Black/Mr. Midnight begins crimefighting, using his wits and various powers allowing him to manipulate shadows, after returning home from World War I. He and Morton Graves/The Undertaker are reputed as being the first superhero and supervillain for the new century.

1923 – Stage magician Calvin Harrison/the Scarlet Spectre moonlights as a superhero, using illusions and mindtricks to befuddle opponents.

1932 – The Scarlet Spectre is killed by bootleggers. His body is never found.

1936 – The Stalwart Society is born, comprising of various heroes, mostly active from the 30s up to the mid-60s.

  • Edward Black/Mr. Midnight – Umbrakinetic detective
  • Calvin Harrison/the Scarlet Spectre – Resurrected from the dead, imbued with various ghostly abilties.
  • Thelma van Buren/Madam Falcon – High society girl gifted with the power of flight and heightened vision and hearing.
  • Donald Irons/Mr. Miner – Super-durable skin and super-endurance, wielding a pickaxe.
  • Rose Irons/Rosie the Riveter – Super-strong, wielding a rivet gun.
  • Keith Coleson/Jazz Hands – Talented jazz trumpeter, able to fire sonic bursts from his instrument.

1938 – The first supervillain gang, the Sinister Society, is formed.

  • Werner von Stroheim/The Marksman (Der Freishutz) – Nazi spy possessing a magic rifle, able to hit even the most difficultof targets.
  • Herman Dyer/Inkblot – Chemist who invented a black viscous fluid, acting as an adhesive, propellant, and elastic.
  • Harvey Wicker/The Burning Man – Engineer turned into a man of living fire, forever encased in a fireproof suit lest he burn everything around him.
  • Valerie Cheval/Madame Malediction – Sadistic witch who enjoys abusing others with her magical powers.
  • Xavier Milton/Master Mind – Powerful psychic, able to project illusions, fire mental beams, and assault the minds of others.

Silver Age:

1958 – Rudolf Zimmerman/Captain Cosmic, a young, brilliant German-born physicist, is the first non-American superhero to join the Stalwart Society.

1962 – The Sinister Society is defeated once and for all after Inkblot turns informant for the Stalwart Society.

1963 – Robert Fletcher/Dr. Electron and Henry Fontaine/The Cicada form the super-duo Sound and Fury, the first alternate superhero group.

1964 – The Stalwart Society disbands after the passing-on of the Scarlet Spectre and the marriage of Madam Falcon and Jazz Hands.

1966 – Yusef ibn Hisham/the Golden Falcon makes his first appearance. Claiming to be the human incarnation of the Egyptian God Horus, he calls for the aid of other heroes in taking down an agent of Apep, the Bronze Cobra.

1967 – After defeating the Bronze Cobra, the
Troublebreakers are formed, the first major superhero group since the 1930s. Active from 1967-1991

  • Robert Fletcher/Dr. Electron – Electric and magnetic manipulation born from radiation exposure.
  • Henry Fontaine/The Cicada – Durable exosuit and sonic gauntlets.
  • Yusef ibn Hisham/the Golden Falcon – Access to mystical abilities through Ancient Egyptian artifacts.
  • Enrique Alvarez/Dust Devil – Aerokinetic, able to move and manipulate objects by spinning at high speeds
  • Phoebe Castellanos/Hippolyta – Transforms into an agile, strong warrior woman through the use of the Themysceran Girdle.
  • Rudolf Zimmerman/Captain Cosmic – Spaceworthy exosuit allows for flight, energy blasts, and excellent shielding.

Bronze Age:

1970 – The Bronze Cobra brings together a new supervillain team for the new age, hoping to overwhelm the Troublebreakers with the might of the Criminal Collective.

  • The Bronze Cobra – Agent of the embodiment of chaos Apep, seeking to fulfill his master’s wishes to control the world.
  • Morton Graves/The Undertaker – Long-lived and powerful necromancer.
  • William Fletcher/The Marksman II – Vietnam vet who stole the original Marksman’s weapon from a museum exhibit. Claims to have used it to kill JFK. Dr. Electron’s elder brother.
  • Elizabeth Härkönen/Silica – Able to manipulate sand, hardening it into stone or molding it into glass.
  • Leonard Townes/Laserface – Powered armor feeds leeched energy into a powerful laser emitter located in the helmet’s visor.
  • Stephen O’Toole/Outrage – Emotion manipulator, able to instill anger and rage in others.

1971 – The mysterious Commodore Crab begins his epic career, besting the Robber Baron in the first of many bouts.

1972 – Commodore Crab appears with a sidekick, dubbed “Limpet Boy” by the press, for the first time. Com. Crab calls the costumed youth Harry Page in official interviews, but the twelve-year-old is actually George Brin.

1978 – The Cicada is killed by the Undertaker. The Troublebreakers mourn and take the Undertaker down. In a fit of rage, Hippolyta puts the Undertaker in a coma, which he stays in for several years.

1981-1984 – Three more heroes join the Troublebreakers

  • Landon “Lanny” Watterson/Splash Damage – Hydrokinetic ex-pro-surfer.
  • Jacquline Potter/Jackpot – Probability maniuplator.
  • Victoria Clarke/Cyberpunk – Cyborg from a discontinued military experiment.

1982 – As Limpet Boy grows restive under Commodore Crab’s watch and Crab repeatedly refuses to reveal his identity to his sidekick, the two heroes fall out. Brin immediately severs all ties with his mentor by renaming himself Nighttide and embracing more brutal tactics.

1986 – Jackpot and Cyberpunk are outed as a lesbian couple. They are still kept on in the Troublebreakers. Dust Devil, a Catholic, leaves the team in protest.

1987 – The Golden Falcon disappears after an intense battle with the Bronze Cobra. Neither of them are ever seen again, rumored to have been taken to the Egyptian afterlife to continue fighting there.

1989 – Disenchanted by the perceived ineffectual nature of Troublebreakers, a newer, edgier superteam is formed: the Bad Boyz Brigade.

  • Samuel Wesson/Krosshairz – Superhuman senses allow for perfect accuracy with any long-range weapon.
  • Grady McPherson/Bloodfist – Time-traveller from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion has ravaged the world. Superhuman strength, endurance, and access to high-tech weaponry.
  • Eric Lurman/Red Horse – Vicious fighter, imbued with the power of Atilla the Hun through the Sword of Mars
  • Grigori Levin/the Crimson Hammer – Soviet defector, wearing powered armor and carrying an indestructible hammer.

1991 – Overwhelmed with depression at what he sees as the downfall of superheroic ideals, Captain Cosmic commits suicide. His funeral is attended by many. The Troublebreakers, overcome with grief, disbands.

1992 – The BBB is the last superteam in San Fernando, bringing their unique brand of justice.

December 28, 1992 – Nighttide fails to save Commodore Crab from being mortally wounded by the Good Doctor. Brin does reconcile with Com. Crab and discover that he is more powerful than he thinks, but the former sidekick is so overcome with guilt that he retires from vigilantism. He requests a work transfer to recently-capitalist Moscow in order to lie low and find his biological relatives.

1996 – The BBB is overwhelmed by supervillainy and destroyed, member by member.

Modern Age:

1997-present day – Individual superheroes fight crime in the streets, trying to maintain order. No efforts are made to create a new superteam.

1998 – Rumors flood the city of two powerful and mysterious criminal organizations infiltrating parts of the infrastructure. These are never confirmed nor denied.

2002 – The Suits take control of part of San Fernando. They fight various heroes and the forces of entrenched Russian mafiya head Alexei “Czernobog” Dovchenko, still remaining in control of a decent portion of the city.

2005 – George Brin returns to San Fernando and quietly restarts his crimefighting career under the name of “the Kraken.”

September 28, 2006 – KAMEN RIDER makes his superhero debut when he successfully prevents Trouble Clef from murdering the members of Tunguska, a Tesla’s Death Ray tribute band, during their performance at a local theatre. He becomes one of the most visible members of the newest generation of superheroes.

August 10, 2010 – Victor E wakes up alongside a road in the Mojave Desert with no recollection of his past. He gives himself a name based on a note card he found in his pocket and begins wandering.

December 3, 2010 – The Undertaker attacks the First United Church, using its graveyard to create a squad of undead minions. KAMEN RIDER attempts to stop him, but is overwhelmed and nearly killed by the necromantic nemesis. Afterwards, the hero begins teaming up with other local heroes and advocates the creation of a new super team.

April 7, 2011 – Victor E becomes an Experiment Assistant for CORE after saving Dr. Philip Kleiner from the mafiya.

July 17, 2011 – The Kraken’s career is marred when he is hit by a depowering ray that—fortunately for him—merely weakens his abilities instead. Brin’s assailant is unknown, though he has his suspicions. After learning about KAMEN RIDER’s attempt to form a new super team, the Kraken immediately seeks him out and offers his considerable connections, experience, and support.

July 24, 2011 – Albrecht Stresseman/The Beekeeper, one of the most prominent supervillains to date, enacts his master plan to cover all of California in pestilential insects. A rag-tag group of heroes puts his plan down and gains the city’s gratitude and favor as a result.

February 15th, 2012 – Following a successful mission, the Assembly enters a Baskin Robbins to share a well-deserved dessert. 20 minutes later, the group is banned from the store for life. No public records exist about what exactly happened in what has become known as “the Sherbet Incident.”

Superhero History

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