Places of Interest

Several locations within San Fernando are easily recognizable landmarks, either through their reputation or place in the town’s history.

The Assembly Hall: The home base for the Assembly. Partially funded by the San Fernando government, it has a wide range of tools to aid the heroes in protecting the city.

The CORE Complex: A sprawling scientific R&D compound belonging to the CORE (Center for Omni-disciplinary Research and Experimentation).

The House of Marvels: A museum filled with fantastic ancient exhibits for public viewing. It has an entire wing devoted to local superhero history.

San Fernando Police Headquarters: HQ of the local police department. Headed by the hardworking Chief Xerxes Shepard, the SFPD ensures to keep the citizens safe along with active superheroes. Recently, the new Supercrime Division was created in order to better handle supervillainy.

The Major Arcana: San Fernando’s major entertainment venue, focusing on gambling and live music. Rumored to be a front for the Suits.

Thaumus Technologies: A massive international corporation, involved in a wide variety of innovations. Its CEO, Jules Lethbridge, is a secretive and powerful figure.

Norton Park: A large sprawling park, full of gardens, walkways, and live events. Henry Fontaine Square is located here, named after the deceased superhero known as the Cicada.

Serket Systems: Main offices for a global antivirus software company.

Aunt Nancy’s: An old-fashioned night club located at 251 Morrisey Street, part cocktail lounge, part dance hall. It’s run by Arachne, top information broker in all of San Fernando.

Places of Interest

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