Kamen Cycle

Tricked-Out Motorbike


Pace 24
Possesses AI and a Security System


This motorcycle was developed alongside the TRI Armor, and is linked to the suit through the AI Trilly. This link allows it to hone in on the TRI Armor no matter where it is. It also possesses a sophisticated security system that shuts the bike down unless the person wearing the TRI Armor grants someone else permission to use the bike (the only exception is Louis Halm, whose permission is enabled always). The bike also possesses speakers, which can tap into Kamen Rider’s communication system if needed.

Emergency Protocols: These preprogrammed maneuvers are voice-activated.
- Protocol α: The Kamen Cycle heads towards the TRI Armor’s location via the fastest possible route.
- Protocol β: The Kamen Cycle heads towards the Apartment that the Halm brothers share.
- Protocol γ: The Kamen Cycle heads for Police HQ, with instructions to communicate a distress call to Police Chief Xerxes Shepard personally. This protocol also grants Chief Shepard permission to use the Kamen Cycle

Kamen Cycle

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