Trouble Clef

The Hard Rock Renegade


Real Name:
Angus Furnier


  • Supercharged guitar can be used for a variety of sonic attacks.

Angus Furnier was a promising guitarist who went to Julliard, but dropped out after feeling it wasn’t right for him. He traveled to California with a band he created from his friends in New York, calling themselves “Tesla’s Death Ray”. The band gained recognition in the state and prospered, but suffered a loss when Furnier was electrocuted onstage. After waking up from a 4-month coma, Furnier found that his band had replaced them at the behest of their manager. Enraged, he turned his guitar into a sonic weapon, killing or hospitalizing his bandmates and manager. Feeling he would make a better living as a freelance solo guitarist (read villain), the new Trouble Clef set up shop in San Fernando, doing as he pleased with his deadly music.

Notable Crimes:

  • Murdered his ex-band members and manager,
  • Held a local coffee shop hostage in order to “perform” for the patrons during an open mic night.
  • Nearly shut down the 18th Battle of the Bands after attacking with a gang of roadie henchmen.

Current Status:
Active, hiding in the abandoned Bragi’s Music Hall.

Trouble Clef

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