The White Rabbit

The Wrath of Wonderland


Real Name:
Adelaide Harris


  • Hydraulic prosthetic legs allow for increased leg strength, aiding in superhuman feats of agility (leaps, kicks, etc).
  • Fights with a variety of hallucinogens, severely disorientating opponents.

Once a promising modern dancer from New York, Harris’ career was brutally cut short in a terrible car crash, paralyzing her from the waist down. Despondent and harboring a bitter resentment for her current state, an unknown benefactor (speculated to be from [REDACTED]) put her on the list for an experimental prosthetic treatment. Her legs were fused with an matrix of nerve stimulants, partially roboticized with powerful hydraulic pistons in order to mimic the abilities of traditional leg muscles. She returned to her former career, but faced resistance from her colleagues, told by them that she had an unfair advantage due to her prostheses. In a fit of rage after a performance, Harris killed one of the other dancers behind the theatre, crushing their skull with her foot. Feeling that dancing held nothing for her now, Harris began to turn her amazing dance skills into a weapon, merging them with kickboxing lessons to become a unique fighter. Taking inspiration from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Harris based her persona on the White Rabbit, taking work from [REDACTED] as a mercenary and used weaponized hallucinogens they supplied

Notable Crimes:

Current Status:
Active, last seen working for the Slavs in San Fernando, CA.

The White Rabbit

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