The Undertaker

The Necromantic Nemesis


Real Name:
Morton Graves


  • Long life (possible immortality).
  • Able to magically raise and command the spirits and bodies of the dead.
  • Able to magically corrupt living organisms, ranging from infection to illness to death.

Little is known about Morton Graves, now better known as the Undertaker. Even basic facts such as his age are unknown. He is believed to have been San Fernando’s funeral director during the last years of the 19th Century. However, he is much more widely known as San Fernando’s first supervillain, notable for fighting several generations of superheroes, starting with Mr. Midnight. From then on, the Undertaker was a perennial figure in the annals of San Fernandan superhero history, only going out of action for a indefinite period when put into a coma in the late 1970s by Hippolyta. Once revived, he was back in the supervillain business, eager to expand his necromantic abilities through amassing various tomes of dark magic. In order to have a better chance at fighting other superheroes, the Undertaker gathered two other powerful supervillains (C-4 and Doctor Solar) committing evil as what the local press dubbed “the Terror Trio”.

Notable Crimes:

  • Attacked city hall using an army of zombies during the last mayoral election.
  • Held the First United Church of San Fernando hostage, using the nearby graveyard as supplies for bodyguards.
  • Murderer of Henry Fontaine, aka the Cicada.

Current Status:
Active, whereabouts unknown.

The Undertaker

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