The Suits

The Dapper Demons



  • Cut-Lass (Expert swordfighter and knife-thrower)
  • Holly Grail (Possesses a magic chalice with various effects, such as hydrokinesis and healing)
  • The Mint (Metal manipulator who exclusively uses coins)
  • Fire-Staff (Carries a flame-spewing staff with a variety of attacks)
  • Terra Firma (Geokinetic)
  • Love Potion (Emotion manipulator, controlling others through extreme infatuation towards her)
  • Zirconia (Creates various diamond-like constructs, such as blades, shields, and lasers)
  • The Cudgel (Carries the Club of Hercules, imbuing him with immense strength and endurance)

All the members of the Suits have two things in common: sharp dress sense and a card suit theme. Apart from that, each high-ranking member of this particular gang have wildly different backstories (some of which are possibly false or unknown). However they came together, they have been a very troublesome force in San Fernando for both the police and superheroes for many years. Their number of normal members never seems to diminish and they will always oversee certain operations personally, with at least two of the ranking members supporting their henchmen. It is unknown how many fronts they have and how many operations they run. However, it is usually good to rely on their poisonous rivalry with the Slavs to sabotage their plans.

Notable Crimes:

  • Fixed the 14th San Fernando Sailing Race to favor an unknown sponsor. (Attending members: Love Potion, Zirconia.)
  • Robbed an armored car during a deposit at a local bank. (Attending members: The Cudgel, the Mint.)
  • Attacked two separate front organizations for the Slavs, killing one of the gang’s lieutenants in the process. (Attending members: Fire-Staff, Cut-Lass, Terra Firma, Holly Grail.)

The Suits

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