The Reliquary

The Paladin Priest


Real Name:
Pedro De La Cruz


  • Knowledge of holy magic and exorcism rites
  • Access to eye and arm of his sainted ancestor grants the following abilities
    • Able to sense evil/undead creatures.
    • Melee and ranged attacks are charged with holy energy, able to smite anything profane.
    • Minor precognition, acting as enhanced reflexes and agility through brief visions of the future.

A descendant of one of the priests that defeated the necromancer that created Calaveron, the Reliquary swore an oath to rid the world of evil and dark magic. He broke into his ancestor’s tomb, grafting the preserved eye and arm of the priest onto his own body. He became imbued with holy powers, giving him an edge in his crusade against evil. The Reliquary traveled through Mexico and the southwestern United States before discovering Calaveron working as a roadie for the Mexican band Los Avispiones. However, the fight with the Beekeeper cause the Reliquary to lose sight of Calaveron, forcing him to search for a year until finding the skeleton again. Bringing together a group of other superpowered individuals, the Reliquary found hope in the prospect of smiting the undead creature.

Notable Deeds:

Current Status:

The Reliquary

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