The Cipher

The Sinister Super-Spy


Real Name: Otto Niles


  • Extensive cybernetic enhancements and technologically advanced clothing allows for the following:
    • Perfect physical and vocal mimicry of any subject, male or female.
    • Camouflaging to near-total invisibility.
    • Projection of holographic duplicates.
    • Personal electric defense field.
    • Removal and/or substitution of all identifying physical features, including fingerprints, retinas, hair, and teeth.
  • Excellent ranged and hand-to-hand combat skills.

Otto Niles was once a promising member of the Top 100, sitting comfortably in his rank as Mr. 11, the highest member of the organization’s assassination echelon. He was eager to find a way to gain a spot in the Top 10 as the new Decimus; eager enough to try and stage the original’s demise through a false-flag operation. Discovered, Niles was stripped of his titles and was on his way to be tried for his crimes before escaping, keeping his formidable cybernetic enhancements and super-suit. Calling himself the Cipher, Niles became a highly-valued spy and assassin for hire, working various jobs from corporate espionage to politically-driven murder. To date his most recent and lucrative contract is working for an unknown employer as a spy inside the CORE. No-one knows how much the Cipher has found and relayed back to his masters.

Notable Crimes:

Current Status:

The Cipher

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