The Beekeeper

The Evil Entomologist


Real Name:
Dr. Albrecht Stresemann


  • Able to control insects, favoring bees over most.
  • Various tools mimic insect abilities (poison, ensnarement, etc.).

A German immigrant to America, Albrecht Stresemann came for a teaching job and a new life. Previously a biology teacher specializing in entomology from the University of Stuttgart, Stresemann came to UC San Fernando to fill a position there. However, he had ulterior motives to coming to America: he was meeting contacts of a secret organization devoted to promoting various ecoterrorist views through an extreme ideology of environmentalism and conservation. As he kept working as a professor, his time and energy became more and more tied to his work with the organization. He finally submitted an idea to the group’s higher echelons: if insects were one of the most powerful tenets of the world ecology, there would be great power in controlling them.
With that, he was given a mind-control device using a mix of pheromone emitters and electro-stimulators to command insects. Realizing the powers he had through the device, Stresemann began a campaign of ecoterrorism against San Fernando as the Beekeeper, establishing himself as one of the more fearsome villains in the city. Government, corporations, and even other gangs in the city weren’t safe from his reign, culminating in his great scheme to cover the whole state of California in pestilential insects. However, the new superhero team, the Assembly of Superheroes, stopped him and put him away in federal custody to this day.

Notable Crimes:

  • Several attacks on Thaumus Technologies, branding it as a corrupt corporation that exploits the ocean environment.
  • Introduction of various non-native insect species in Norton Park.
  • Instigator of the July Pestilence, using a mystical item (known as the Staff of Moses) that allowed him greater control over bugs.

Current Status:
Imprisoned at the San Fernando Federal Correction Complex.

The Beekeeper

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