The Automaton

The Mechanized Menace


Real Name
Sergio D’Agosta


  • Skilled fighter
  • Decent knowledge of computer systems
  • Wears a suit of power armor that increase strength and durability. The armor also gives access to the following powers:
    • Burn Mode: The suit is imbued with combustible properties, focusing on enhancing strength. All melee attacks are extremely painful due to the chance of the victim being set on fire.
    • Freeze Mode: A sheen of frost covers the armor, boosting its already impressive toughness. Ice spikes are fired from shoulder-mounted cannons, with a chance of encasing the target in ice.
    • Zap Mode: The armor is infused with electricity, allowing for electric and paralyzing attacks. The mode also grants teleportation, with a flash of electricity signifying movement

Sergio D’Agosta has lived his entire life as one big combat. He was expelled from several schools for fighting, then joined the army and was discharged after one tour of duty after striking a superior officer, and would likely have ended up as a petty criminal on the streets if his best friend hadn’t been Howard Ruben, the founder of Serket Systems. Ruben cleared up his friend’s records, and he hired him on as a “security consultant.”

Sergio is also known to take jobs on the side in addition to his work at Serket Systems, mainly hits from anonymous costumers. Or at least, that’s what the rumors say, but every assault or murder in which he was involved was either settled out of court or he was found not guilty due to a lack of evidence.

Sergio bears a huge grudge against KAMEN RIDER due to a humiliating, one-sided fight they had when they first met. Sergio’s never one to forgive and forget…

The Automaton

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