Test Pattern

The Mismatched Mischief-Maker


Real Name:
Seymour Spotz


  • High intelligence
  • Sophisticated hacking abilities
  • Access to technologies capable of the following:
    • Mind control
    • Teleportation
    • Stunning

A perennial nuisance to the law enforcement and superheroes of San Fernando, Test Pattern is a unique specimen. Insane and cunning, but not evil, his name inspires exasperation rather than fear. He was a gifted scholar, taking a wide variety of classes and acquiring various skills which he excelled in. However, Test Pattern ckaims to suffer from an extreme version of Adult ADHD, compelling him to find new and interesting things to do. This led to an unstable professional life, taking different jobs on a nearly monthly basis. Finally, he had an idea: if normal jobs weren’t keeping his interest, then perhaps supervillainy would. Donning a garish costume and using his various skills for madcap schemes, Test Pattern became a permanent annoyance to San Fernando, causing massive trouble despite the ridiculous nature of his crimes. He enjoys his work immensely, seeing his fights with superheroes as friendly rivalry rather than epic clashes between good and evil.

Notable Crimes:

  • Stole and replaced the entire wardrobe of the 85th San Fernando Fashion Showcase with clothing of his own design.
  • Filled every public swimming pool and open water source with lemon gelatin mix simultaneously.
  • Hypnotized every contestant in the 19th Battle of the Bands to play nothing but Weird Al Yankovic covers.
  • Replaced every wax statue in the San Fernando Wax Museum with an exact replica that was sculpted from butter.

Current Status:
Active, whereabouts unknown.

Test Pattern

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