Nightlight Spackle


Real Name:
Unknown (Unpronounceable in any human language).


  • Knowledge of military combat and tactics.
  • Access to a powerful suit of armor.
  • Light powers, allowing for various energy attacks
    • When unrestrained, light powers are increased, mimicking Earth radiation in strength.

Leader of the armies of the Gamma Kingdom, Nightlight Spackle was the evil general that led an attack on the Ultraviolet Kingdom of Danbow Crash’s home dimension. Hoping to conquer the Ultraviolet Kingdom in the name of the Gammas, Nightlight Spackle accidentally sent himself and Danbow Crash into the human world through a miscalculated attack. He found himself in San Fernando and immediately went on a massive intelligence-gathering mission, going so far as to download the entire internet into his armor’s battle computer. He found Danbow Crash easily, deciding to take his Earth moniker from the same TV series as his foe had done (misspelled to make the parallel even more obvious and sinister).

Due to their much stronger light powers than the citizens of the Ultraviolet Kingdom, Gamma soldiers like Nightlight Spackle need to wear special armor to restrict their incredible energy. Nightlight Spackle’s is custom-made, allowing him to temporarily lower the restraints the suit provides, allowing him access to immensely powerful, if rather unpredictable, light powers.

Notable Crimes:

  • Waged war against the Ultraviolet Kingdom of Spectra.

Current Status:
Active, whereabouts unknown

Nightlight Spackle

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