Monsieur Malediction

The Snide Sorcerer


Real Name:
Jean-Michel Cheval

Access to various spell books (most of them stolen) allow for a wide variety of magical abilities.

The grandson of the infamous witch Madame Malediction, M. Malediction picked up his ancestor’s devotion to the magical arts. Such was his desire to know more of magic that he dropped out of mainstream academics, preferring to learn on the road by studying under a variety of mages across the world. But he was restless and insatiable for more knowledge. Under a tutor in London, M. Malediction stole the wizard’s personal spell book, sending the man across the world in search of more books to steal and add to his extra-dimensional library. Region, language, and discipline are all meaningless to him: it is only power and knowledge that M. Malediction seeks.

Notable Crimes:

  • Stole a wide variety of magic books from other wizards and witches worldwide.
  • Several instances of vandalism, destruction of public and private property, and assault through practicing magic.

Current Status:

Monsieur Malediction

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