Philip/Louis Halm

The greatest computer programmer on the West Coast. (Likely mind-controlled right now)


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d12, Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d4

Skills: Knowledge (Computers) d12, Knowledge (Science) d8

Pace: 6
Parry: 2
Toughness: 4


Louis Halm is the second son of Warren and Sayaka Halm, born in 1992. Early on in life, he was diagnosed with mild autism, which made it rather difficult for him to relate to others; for much of his lift, Louis’s only friend was his older brother of 6 years, Martin. However, even from a young age, he was a natural genius at computer programming.

When he was 7, the family took a vacation to Japan. There, Louis first saw the Kamen Rider franchise, a series he would become a life-long fan of. It was also around this time that Martin and Louis created their own secret codes, mainly because Louis thought it would be cool and Martin just couldn’t bring himself to say no. As he grew up, Louis began to learn how to deal with his autism, allowing him to make a small circle of friends at Scarlet Junior High (mainly in the computer club).

However, he nearly shut down after his father disappeared. Louis and Warren had always been close, spending many a weekend tinkering with codes and creating small games. If not for the support of his brother, Louis might have simply shut himself off from the world entirely. As it was, this was still a rough time in his life.

Shortly after beginning high school, he was kidnapped and forced to complete his father’s work on designing an AI for the TRI armor being worked on by several higher-ups in Serket Systems. Louis was able to finish coding Trilly, said AI, in several weeks. He also added several eccentric codes into the human-armor interface of the armor, such as requiring the user to strike certain poses and say certain phrases to change forms (or even to activate the armor at all). He was then able to hack into the system Serket was using for the project, and reroute the armor prototype to a warehouse on the edge of San Fernando. He then sent an email to his brother, confident that Martin would be able to use the armor to its full potential.

Louis’s faith in his brother was rewarded when KAMEN RIDER broke into Serket’s secret lab not a day later, rescuing him; but not before Louis hacked into the system one last time so that he could delete everything he could and corrupt everything that he couldn’t delete. The two brothers lay low for a while, until they were sure that Serket wouldn’t press any charges against them (they couldn’t, not without revealing all the illegal things that they were doing).

Now having a super suit on their hands, the two decided to fight crime, seeing how San Fernando was devolving into chaos by the day. Martin continued to use the suit and fight as KAMEN RIDER, while Louis adopted a more mission-control type position. When doing so, he adopts the psuedonym Philip; naturally, this is another Kamen Rider reference. Louis’s adept hacking and google-fu were instrumental to figuring out just what the Beekeeper was planning so that the Assembly could take him out.

Philip/Louis Halm

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