Heat Sink

The Fiendish Firebrand


Real Name:
Connor Burns


  • Knowledge of physics, specializing in thermodynamics.
  • Gauntlets and storage unit allow for the following abilities:
    • Absorption of thermal energy from any source on contact, storing it for future use.
    • Can injure or immobilize opponents by absorbing their body heat.

Once a promising physicist, Burns once interned at the CORE with designs for a personalized form of thermal energy storage. Convinced it would make him famous as a scientist, Burns was shocked to find that the CORE had no intention of developing his invention, focusing on other projects instead. Confused about the obstacles, Burns was approached by [REDACTED], who offered him full funding to develop his invention, if he would modify the design in order to turn it into a weapon. Burns took the offer, not only reconfiguring the device but personally testing it as well. Its abilities exceeded his original idea, giving him the idea of becoming a mercenary under [REDACTED]. As Heat Sink, Burns became an unpredictable opponent, able to vary his energy output with a touch, even able to stun opponents by stealing their thermal energy.

Notable Crimes:

Current Status:
Active, last seen working for the Slavs in San Fernando, CA.

Heat Sink

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