Doctor Solar

The Heliacal Horror


Real Name:
Dr. Calvin Pearson


  • Possesses a solar-powered exosuit capable of the following:
    • Flight
    • Light blasts
    • Stunning


  • Brilliant physicist and engineer, specializing in harnessing and using solar energy as alternative fuel.
  • Lost an important position as chief engineer at the defunct Solar Disc Station. Devoted his life to revenging himself on those who had shut down the facility.
  • Created his exosuit through stolen technology from his old workplace.
  • Works with the Undertaker and C-4 as the “Terror Trio”.

Notable Crimes:

  • Attacked one of the Representatives responsible for the loss of his job.
  • Destroyed the local headquarters of PetrOil, Ltd.

Current Status:
Active, whereabouts unknown

Doctor Solar

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