Chief Xerxes Shepard

Chief of police and professional asskicker


Chief Shepard’s rise through the ranks of the SFPD can be attributed to a wide variety of reasons, the most prominent being his take-no-shit attitude when it comes to criminals, especially supercriminals. In his early days as a simple beat cop, he found himself involved in several situations with the Troublebreakers, fighting alongside them. He saved the life of Captain Cosmic (by smashing Laserface’s helmet against a brick wall) and realized that the heroes, powerful as they were, still needed the help. From then on, Shepard viewed the relationship between the police and superheroes as symbiotic, campaigning for better relations between the two. Shepard went through several different mayors and police chiefs, seeing the fall of the Troublebreakers and the death of the Bad Boyz Brigade, unsuccessful in convincing his higher-ups to actively connect law enforcement with the heroes. Only until the Beekeeper’s great scheme was foiled and the new Assembly of Superheroes was formed did Shepard have his day. The new mayor made him police chief, giving him free reign to create the new Supercrime Division of the SFPD, filling it with officers and detectives directly involved in helping to solve supercrime. Though the office still butts heads with others (such as vice squad and organized crime), it is still regarded as a great accomplishment.

Notable Achievements:

  • Personally saved the life of the superhero Captain Cosmic.
  • Helped create the Supercrime Division of the San Fernando Police Department.
  • Campaigned for public funding of superhero activities.

Chief Xerxes Shepard

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