Black Star

The Shadowy Siren


Real Name:


  • Umbrakinetic, allowing for the following abilities:
    • Darkness beams
    • Darkness-imbued melee skills
    • Darkness whips
    • Can summon minions made of pure darkness

A relatively unknown figure, Black Star worked within the underbelly of San Fernando. She envisioned a united underworld within the city, powerful enough to withstand police, federal investigators, and even superheroes. She believed she was the perfect candidate to unite the different gangs—until several fights with the Kraken proved otherwise. Licking her wounds and still far away from her dream, Black Star has vowed vengeance against the Kraken, hoping his death would allow her to create an alliance of gangs without further interference.

Notable Crimes:

  • Worked within various gangs of San Fernando, hoping to gain trust and status within their ranks.
  • Fought the Kraken several times, resulting in either her defeat or a stalemate.

Current Status:

Black Star

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