Big Ben

The Horological Hooligan


Real name:
Benjamin Denison


  • High strength and durability.
  • Skilled fighter.
  • Temporal manipulation technonology allows for the following powers:
    • Super speed, allowing to perform multiple actions or superhuman feats of agility.
    • Increased healing by speeding up body’s biological functions.

A B-list professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, Big Ben moonlighted as an enforcer and leg-breaker for the London mob. He was feared and sought after for his immense physical size and fighting skills, but Ben felt that it wasn’t enough. One day his boss handed him a special package he had acquired in a black market deal with [REDACTED]. Inside was a special belt that allowed Ben to manipulate his own personal relation to the space-time continuum. As a result Ben was able to move much faster than a man his size should, becoming an even more fearsome combatant. Ben felt that he was through with small-time mob work and set himself up as a superpowered mercenary with [REDACTED], his services open for hire to the highest bidder.

Notable Crimes:

Current Status:
Active, last seen working for the Slavs in San Fernando, CA.

Big Ben

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