Alexei "Czernobog" Dovchenko

The Russian Rogue


Son of a long line of Russian-Americans, Dovchenko’s ancestors emigrated to America during the 19th Century, settling in San Fernando. His family has a history of becoming involved in the Russian mafiya, with his great-grandfather, Gregory Dovchenko, forming his own gang, known as the Slavs. The Slavs are one of the largest gangs in San Fernando, made up of members from Russia, Eastern Europe, and various ex-Soviet bloc nations. Dovchenko runs the Slavs in an almost military-like fashion: strict, well-provided, and tightly-run. His nickname comes from the Slavic god of darkness, connecting to his aloof and unnerving nature. It’s also rumored that he himself executes members who have displeased him by crushing their skulls with a large hammer. Their largest rival is the Suits, whose superpowers match his gang’s own expert organization and skills, leading the two to come to blows constantly.

Notable Crimes:

  • Implicated in the graft charges of several past SFPD officers.
  • Firebombed a bar alleged to be a front for the Suits.

Alexei "Czernobog" Dovchenko

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