The Assembly of Superheroes

Car Chase of Confusion

Sweet cars and a wild ride for justice!

The Assemblymen quickly gave chase as Test Pattern sped off. KAMEN RIDER took Calaveron in the Kamen Cycle (with Calaveron adding a skull sidecar). The Kraken and VictorE followed in the Assembly Van, with Danbow Crash opting to fly. Test Pattern took them on a lengthy chase, almost playing a vehicular version of keepaway as the heroes kept catching up with him and attacking him at various intervals (though Danbow Crash kept getting mobbed by seagulls). Using an illusion to cause Test Pattern to crash, Calaveron tricked the trickster into turning into oncoming traffic. However, a stone ramp shot up from the asphalt, catching Test Pattern and letting him drive off safely. The heroes were shocked, especially after realizing the most likely culprit: Terra Firma, one of the Suits. The heroes began to wonder if they were involved with Test Pattern somehow, but resolved to figure it out later. With some well-placed shots from VictorE, punches from KAMEN RIDER and another spell from Calaveron, Test Pattern was looking much worse for wear now, his moped starting to wear out.

Giving Calaveron control of the Kamen Cycle, KAMEN RIDER sped up a building to get a better vantage on the chase. He saw Test Pattern leading the heroes towards the industrial district, but something else grabbed his attention: something was tunneling under the city streets, about to meet with the chase at an intersection. Taking a chance, KAMEN RIDER leapt from the building and performed the devastating RIDER METEOR!!, smashing through the street and into the sewer, right on top of Terra Firma. However, the young hero was not alone in the sewers as Holly Grail made her appearance. After a few unsuccessful attack by both sides, Holly expedited the fight by having a wave of sewer water wash the two away further down the pipeline, leaving KAMEN RIDER somewhat adrift from the rest of his team.

As Test Pattern led the heroes into a nearby industrial complex, a final shot from VictorE caused the trickster to crash spectacularly into the wall, followed by the Assembly Van crashing right next to him. The Kraken and VictorE exited the vehicles to restrain Test Pattern, but they were distracted by the arrival of two black towncars. The doors opened to reveal a small cadre of mooks and two of the Suits as well: Fire-Staff and Zirconia. Wasting no time in pursuing vengeance against the Assembly, the fight began, with Zirconia firing a deadly diamond spike-shooting gun at Danbow Crash, but his amazing pecs kept the spikes from piercing him. A single light blast and the mad scientist was put down for the count. Fire-Staff was more of a challenge with his minions alongside him, as fire and bullets rained upon the Assemblymen. Fortunately, our heroes were more than capable of putting them down (notably in VictorE’s case, after pulling the Assembly Van back from the wall and knocking down three henchmen with it, plowing it into on the of the Suits’ towncars).

Suddenly a great jet of water burst up from the ground, bringing Holly Grail and KAMEN RIDER with it (along with a still-unconscious Terra Firma). Exhuasted from the chase and fighting Holly, KAMEN RIDER found that the hydrokinetic gangster was an excellent match for him, thanks in no small part to her deft control over her powers. However, the combined efforts of the Assembly and the quick losses of the Suits’ henchmen left the gangster at a loss as Fire-Staff and Holly Grail were soon defeated. The battle was over and Terra Firma began to stir, waking up in confusion to find his fellows knocked out all around him. Slightly embarassed, Terra split the ground between the two sides, carting away the injured Suits on a large patch of concrete. Exhausted, the Assembly restrained Test Pattern, retrieving the mind control device to ensure its safe return to the CORE.



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