The Assembly of Superheroes

Annihilation of the Anti-Assembly Alliance

Behold the power of Nightlight Spackle.

Prior to the brawl outside of the Assembly Hall, Danbow Crash was watching TV in order to educate himself more about Earth culture: in this way, he took “Judge Judy” to be the pinnical of the Earth judicial system. A sudden knock on the door caught the hero’s attention, with someone outside delivering pizza to Danbow’s door. Unfortunately, this was a ruse, with the light warrior barely dodging the deadly lance thrust at his head. Nightlight Spackle stood outside, having finally caught up to Danbow Crash. The gamma soldier prepared an energy blast, but Danbow was much quicker, throwing his foe through the apartment wall and following him outside. The two enemies engaged in a high-speed, mid-air fight, ending with Danbow being haymakered to the ground with Nightlight Spackle close behind.

The sudden appearance of the two shocked all the attended fighters, none of whom had ever seen Nightlight Spackle before. Convinced that Nightlight was a demon (based on the clearly evil purple color he was wearing), the Reliquary began attacking Nightlight Spackle, knocking him down with a holy beam. Meanwhile, M. Malediction had recovered from his previous wounds, taking another book from his coat and wreathing his hands and staff in flames, attacking VictorE. This failed, as VictorE’s reflexes outmatched the wizard’s magic; VictorE used his new healing gun to bring Danbow Crash back to full health, bringing the tool back around to pistol-whip M. Malediction. Black Star summoned more shadow minions, but all of them failed to do any damage, with the Kraken disintegrating one in a single punch after it appeared. KAMEN RIDER, stuck in Ranged Mode and still suffering from the Automaton’s computer virus, summoned his Kamen Cycle, breaking from his frozen bonds and leaping down from the tree onto the cycle. He sped around behind the Automaton and fired at him, barely inflicting any damage but taunting him on his lack of transportation. The Automaton responded by switching his armor’s setting, teleporting in a flash of electricity to KAMEN RIDER, showing off his lightning powers by paralyzing him with an electric shock. Calaveron recovered as well, using his force control to attack M. Malediction, but failing to break the other wizard’s defenses.

With the Reliquary still attacking Nightlight Spackle, Danbow Crash used the chance to pile on the damage on his enemy, with Nightlight barely able to recover from a direct light beam to the face. Surrounded by enemies, VictorE fired his electric guns at both Black Star and M. Malediction, damaging both but shocking the magician. The Kraken, tired of his foe’s antics, ran up to Black Star, knocking her down with a powerful punch, causing her to flee, cursing her alliance with M. Malediction. Meanwhile, the Automaton began attacking the Kraken, knowing the bond of friendship between him and KAMEN RIDER. Enraged by the Automaton’s threats, KAMEN RIDER made a daring attack: using his armor’s random switch to power mode, KAMEN RIDER directed his cycle towards his foe, leaping over the Automaton and knocking him down at the same time the bike hit him. Calaveron used his force control once again, picking up Nightlight Spackle and slamming him into M. Malediction, crushing the wizard and knocking him out. Nightlight Spackle recovered and began a devastating series of attacks, his armor opening up to allow powerful bursts of radiation to wash over the heroes. VictorE acted quickly, shooting Nightlight in the face, taking him out instantly. The Reliquary resumed attacking Calaveron, but was distracted by the skeleton’s taunts, allowing Danbow Crash to attack him. Danbow fired a light blast at the Reliquary, but missed, hitting the tree behind him; said tree was felled by the blast, falling right on top of the priest.

The battle had ended, the villains soundly defeated. Nightlight Spackle began to laugh quietly, taunting the heroes as he said how blinded they were by their daily peacekeeping and villain-fighting; he warned them of terrible things to come, seeing the Anti-Assembly Alliance as a useful tool when the time came. He disappeared, taking M. Malediction and the Reliquary with him; the Automaton teleported away, finding it to be the best time to leave. The heroes barely had time to meditate on Nightlight Spackle’s ominous words before an annoying horn was heard, grabbing their attention. Astride an ostentatious moped was Test Pattern, who had been watching the fight from afar. He was pleased to see all the heroes assembled, having recently broken out of jail and stolen the mind control device back from the CORE. The heroes, severely irritated by the trickster’s return, attacked him but to no avail, the moped’s force field shielding Test Pattern from attack. He gave the Assemblymen the chance to get the device back if they managed to catch him, speeding away on the moped.



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