The Assembly of Superheroes

Attack of the Anti-Assembly Alliance

Nemeses galore for an all-out battle.

The day after the gang war was a moderately quiet one, with our heroes taking some well-earned time to themselves. KAMEN RIDER finally got a chance to hang out with his younger brother, watching anime and playing video games. The Kraken went to the reunion of his college graduation class at UC San Fernando. A reporter asked for an interview and the two began speaking, creating a faint connection between them. At the break room in the House of Marvels, Calaveron saw his old band Los Avispiones releasing a new album “World’s Best Roadie”, lamenting over the band’s loss of the skeleton. Meanwhile at the CORE, VictorE found he had a new ability: he could completely suppress his breathing, increasing his stealth while still surviving for a time without oxygen; he also received his freeze gun, repaired like new. Dr. Kliener also promised him a new piece of equipment the next day.

The next day, our heroes were at the Assembly Hall when Dr. Kliener called, summoning them to the CORE. Upon arrival, the Assemblymen were greeted by Dr. Kliener and the young scientist (called Lee) who they met before the gang fight. Lee handed VictorE a case containing his new equipment: a paintball gun filled with special paintballs. Lee demonstrated, cutting KAMEN RIDER’s hand and smearing the painball gel over the wound, which healed instantly. Dr. Kleiner also informed the heroes of the progress made with the mind control device. He had found a way of blocking the effects, but efforts were slow in developing them. Thanking the scientist, the heroes returned to the Assembly Hall. Outside the Assembly Hall was an oddly dressed man. He wore a crushed velvet suit with a wide-brimmed hat, carrying a staff. He turned and smiled at the group, asking after Calaveron. Calaveron stepped forward and the man introduced himself as Jean-Michel, holding a survey from the Canadian Association of Wizards for American mages. Calaveron accepted and answered all the questions, which Jean-Michel found satisfactory. One final question was rather perplexing: Jean-Michel asked what was Calaveron’s favorite kind of pizza, to which the skeleton answered Hawaiian. A low voice nearby stated that he hated Hawaiian pizza.

At that moment, a powerful energy beam hit KAMEN RIDER square in the back, knocking him to the steps leading to the Assemblyhall. A man in a brown cloak over black clothes revealed himself, his eyes and arms mismatched: despite being a native Mexican, his left eye was blue and his right arm was white with tattoos. Calaveron recognized the man as the Reliquary, the holy man devoted to destroying him. Immediately after, a motorcyclist dressed in black arrived and greeted KAMEN RIDER sinisterly before flipping up the helmet’s visor: it was Sergio D’Agosta. His motorcycle transformed into a suit of power armor as he called himself the Automaton, eager to crush KAMEN RIDER. A rustling in a nearby tree alrerted the Kraken to another presence, dodging as a black whip snapped inches from his head. A woman dressed in black appeared, sneering at the Kraken, who immediately recognized her as Black Star. Finally, Jean-Michel revealed himself to be the grandson of Madame Malediction, calling himself Monsieur Malediction. Before the fight began, Malediction warned the Reliquary to leave Calaveron’s spell book for him.

KAMEN RIDER immediately recovered from the Reliquary’s sneak attack, switching to speed mode and rushing towards the Automaton with a powerful punch. The armored foe caught the punch easily, taunting the young hero. He fiddled with his armor before starting a virus download into KAMEN RIDER’s TRI armor, causing it to malfunction, swapping between modes at random. The Automaton then showed off one of his armor’s abilities, punching the young hero with fists encase in flame. Calaveron cast a spell, granting him force control, forming energy hands to grab at the Reliquary, who rebuffed the attack and fired another holy beam at the skeleton, knocking him to the ground. Rushing to his friend’s defense, the Kraken threw a powerful punch at the Reliquary, who caught the fist in his sainted hand. Black Star summoned darkness creatures, who attacked various heroes, two knocking down the Kraken and KAMEN RIDER, and a third failing to hit VictorE. VictorE took the opportunity to fire point blank at both the shadow creature and M. Malediction, destroying the minion, but failing to hit the magician, even as he ran past him to face Calaveron. M. Malediction showed off more of his magical skills, firing a blast of lightning at Calaveron, wounding him more.

KAMEN RIDER recovered from his attack, his armor swapping to ranged mode. He took refuge in a tree as he fired at the Automaton, damaging him. The Reliquary kept on fighting the Kraken, throwing a devastating punch that knocked the hero back into a nearby tree. Black Star fired a darkness beam at Calaveron, but only fazed him as M. Malediction tried a different tactic: mind-controlling Calaveron to personally hand over his spell book. The spell was cast, but failed to take effect as VictorE fired off another round at the magician, wounding him. This allowed Calaveron to violently shake M. Malediction with force control, relieving him of his spell book. THe Automaton switched his armor’s setting to a freeze power, firing ice beams at KAMEN RIDER freezing him to the tree he was perched in. Suddenly a figure came hurtling out of the sky, crashing into the middle of the fight: it was Danbow Crash, badly hurt from some unknown battle. Then a second arrived on the scene: he was huge, clad in deep purple armor with a visored helmet, carrying a lance. On the armor’s shoulder was a starburst adorned with the letter γ. He addressed Danbow Crash directly, sneering at the light warrior’s allies as he opened his visor to reveal a scarred face worn from past battles. Nightlight Spackle had finally found his foe.



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