The Assembly of Superheroes

Scourge of the Suits and the Slavs, Part II

More bad guys! More fighting! More mystery!

The fight stopped as several newcomers made their way onto the scene; the man stabbing Danbow Crash was only the first. From behind Calaveron came three more. Two came flying in on huge metal discs, designed to look like huge silver dollars. One was well-dressed, with perfectly-styled hair and an expensive suit; the other was dressed in an manner reminescent of a pirate with a simple mask tied across her eyes. They were the Mint and Cut-Lass respectively, come to play the cavalry for the Suits. Appearing out of an alleyway was another man, wearing a pair of metal gaunlets connected to a backpack by cords. Danbow Crash managed to escape from the man with the knife, with KAMEN RIDER coming up to help him. Calaveron sent the huge chronokinetic after the man with the gauntlets, but a revealed camraderie between the two broke Calaveron’s control. Eager to join the fray, the Mint began shooting flechette storms of coins at any nearby enemy as Cut-Lass challenged Calaveron to a duel. Connecting to her enthusiam, the skeletal sorceror agreed.

Meanwhile, the Kraken and VictorE kept hammering away at the wounded Suits. THey ravaged the Suits’ minions, but Love Potion summoned enough strength to mind-control the Kraken, forcing him to attack VictorE. The woman in white made a feeble last attempt to attack KAMEN RIDER, but she was knocked aside, straight into a nearby wall. The scarred man began attacking KAMEN RIDER, but was unprepared for the young hero’s advanced armor. Danbow Crash flew over to where the new Suits were, firing light blasts at the Mint, who deftly deflected them with a shield of loose change. Angry at being mind-controlled, the huge mercenary rushed at Calaveron and Cut-Lass, interrupting their swordfight and beating on the skeleton. In all of this, the gauntleted man shot powerful heat rays at any possible target.

The fighting continued in this manner, a whole melee of heroes and villains. KAMEN RIDER kept fighting the scarred man, who unsuccessfully kept trying to pierce his armor. The Kraken finally broke free of Love Potion’s control, allowing him and VictorE to take down her and the Cudgel. Calaveron and Danbow Crash faced their own Suits and Slavs enemies. Finally, help arrived for the Assembly in the form of police choppers, firing riot rounds into the fray. Some of the gang members left, others stayed to fight, being cut down by the helicopters. After another couple rounds, the fight had been dispersed, with the Assembly showing significant damage. Chief Shepard stepped out of one of the helicopters, congratulating the heroes. He handed them four files, saying he found them left nearby the Assemblymobile. A small note was with the files, with the files containing information on the four mercenaries the Assembly faced. It was signed with the Roman numeral for 23, mystifying the heroes.



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