The Assembly of Superheroes

Scourge of the Suits and the Slavs

Here I am/Stuck in the middle with you

Racing to the scene of the gang fight, KAMEN RIDER made it to location first on his motorcycle, the rest following behind in the Assemblymobile. The young hero met Chief Shepard at the police cordon, Shepard having retreated after suffering a head injury. KAMEN RIDER heard Shepard as he told him how the fight between the Suits and the Slavs had escalated since he called the Assembly. When the team’s van arrived, Shepard sent the heroes down the street, warning them of the strength of the mercenaries hired by the Slavs. Shepard made a point to tell that one of the superpowered mercs was faster than KAMEN RIDER, which worried the young hero. Suddenly, a young CORE scientist on a mo-ped handed VictorE a new weapon: a pair of nunchucks with ranged energy capabilities. With that, the Assemblymen sped off to meet the fight head-on.

Following the trail of bodies and ruined buildings, the Assemblymen made it to the scene of the latest battle ground. Both the Suits and Slavs were fighting across the street from each other, using cars as cover as mooks shot at each other with high-powered guns. The Suits on scene were Love Potion and the Cudgel, while the mercenaries for the Slavs were unknown to the heroes. One was tall and broad, a bronze costume covering his muscled form with a clock face on his chest; the other was a smaller woman, clad in a completely white tailcoat, wearing a matching rabbit mask. Being the sneakiest of the team, Victor targeted Love Potion, viewing her as the supreme marksmen in the opposing forces. He took out one of the henchmen next to her, getting Love Potion’s attention instantly. From then on, the battle was a fray of superpowers and guns as Victor focused on proving his superiority of guns over the woman’s bow.

The two gangs kept firing away at each other, with Love Potion being the only one to notice the heroes’ arrival. Seeing a line of unsuspecting baddies, KAMEN RIDER switched to power mode and sent a huge tremor towards them, splitting a crevace that sent a few tumbling to the ground. Danbow Crash readied a large light blast to follow up KAMEN RIDER’s attack, but they had gained the attention of the Slavs’ new tank. The huge man disappeared and reappeared in front of the alien in the blink of an eye, knocking him into an upturned car before returning to the fight. KAMEN RIDER was stunned at this. The woman in white saw KAMEN RIDER and tossed a glass bottle in his direction, the liquid inside instantly turning to gas, causing KAMEN RIDER no immediate problems. The Kraken took the opportunity to ensnare the woman in his mind tendrils, keeping her in place. Meanwhile, Calaveron was building up some powerful juju to unleash an unknown magical attack on the Slavs.

VictorE continuing aggrieving Love Potion, taking out the majority of her henchmen with the ink grenade launcher (and staining her fine clothes). The Suit fired her bow back, but to no avail. The Cudgel finally got in on the action as he sent a powerful shockwave towards KAMEN RIDER, the Kraken and Danbow Crash, though the three heroes deftly dodged the attack. However, the Slavs’ large mercenary instantly appeared before KAMEN RIDER, delivering a terrifying beating, his speed outmatching the young hero’s. But even then, KAMEN RIDER’s spirit was stronger than the villain’s punches. Finally, Calaveron unleashed his powerful attack, creating a giant whirlwind over the Slavs’ side of the battlefield. Henchmen were tossed away as the woman in white was slammed into the side of the car. Only the chronokinetic was sturdy enough to withstand the powerful winds.

The Kraken and Danbow Crash kept taking out mooks on either side as VictorE kept the heat up on Love Potion. Then the time controller sped over to Calaveron, starting to fight him too—up to the point where Calaveron overwhelmed his mind with fear. With that, Calaveron took control of the massive man, sending him over to fight the Suits, doing massive damage against the Cudgel. Love Potion tried to wrest control from Calaveron, but failed. Just as the two Suits began to retreat, VictorE fired his cold-powered handgun at Love Potion, but the experimental weapon exploded, mangling his hand. He still fired his electric gun at her, only winging her. Finally, as Danbow Crash began charging up another light attack, out of the shadows came a new assailant, covered in scars with mismatched eyes as he plunged a knife into the alien warrior’s side. The fight was far from over.



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