The Assembly of Superheroes

Trouble Clef's Terrible Tunes

A new ally is gained as our heroes give Trouble Clef musical criticism.

Confused as to the nature and origin of the message, the Assemblymen did some digging as they returned to the Assembly Hall. KAMEN RIDER sent a picture of the spider symbol to his brother, who did his best to dig up some information on the internet. The Kraken asked Capt. Shepard, who became very coy when the Kraken told him of the symbol, saying he’d let him figure it out for himself. Even VictorE and Danbow Crash tried to help as they Googled the symbol and asked random people on the street for help. Only the younger Halm found classified files on the symbol, which hadn’t been seen for at least 10 years. Confused, the team decided to follow the note’s instructions, getting into civilian identities thanks to Calaveron’s illusion magic and heading to the address.

The address led to a brick building, a little outside the center of the city, but just on the cusp of the mean streets. An old-fashioned neon sign outside read “Aunt Nancy’s”. The heroes knocked at the door (with Danbow Crash holding an inert Calaveron in his arms) as the bouncer let them in. VictorE managed to sneak his guns in, but had to leave his new grenade launcher in the van. The heroes were led through the nightclub, marveling at the class and comfort of the location. They were taken to the second floor and into a room that dipped down into the ceiling of the nightclub, ceiling-to-floor windows covering part of the room. The bodyguard left as a woman sitting in a plush, high-backed chair turned to face them. This was Arachne, the secretive information broker of San Fernando, having taken a leave of absence for a few years before. She enticed the heroes with information about what was going on with the modified mind control technology that had recently been removed from the CORE, even saying she knew why it had appeared in the first place; but all of the info would cost them. However, she didn’t get any further, as a massive blast of sound blew out the windows in Arachne’s office, signaling the untimely arrival of Trouble Clef. Arachne offered the heroes a deal: kick out Trouble Clef and she’d give them all the info they’d need.

The Assemblymen rushed down to the first floor, finding the crazed rocker with a new pack of roadie henchmen and a giant amp that boosted the sonic power of his guitar.Taunting the heroes and boasting about his new amp, Trouble Clef blew a sonic burst at KAMEN RIDER, but the young hero was resilient in the face of the attack. Danbow Crash took the offensive, knocking down Trouble Clef and four goons with a ball of colorful light taken from one of the neon lamps. Using the opening, VictorE fired at the super amp, destroying it instantly. The Kraken bound Trouble Clef with one of his mind tentacles, restraining him further, followed by a volley of kicks from KAMEN RIDER. But Trouble Clef wasn’t out yet, breaking free of the Kraken’s grip and siccing his minions on KAMEN RIDER, who was nearly downed by a volley of semiautomatic rounds.Trouble Clef then smacked the injured hero with his guitar, blasting him back to where VictorE was and partially deafening him. The Kraken, who had grown tired of Trouble Clef and his rants threw punches at the villain, but missed as Trouble Clef’s minions fired again. Finally, Calaveron stabbed the rocker with his magic sword, badly wounding Trouble Clef and giving the Kraken the perfect opening to (literally) kick Trouble Clef’s ass out of the club.

Arachne was impressed, applauding the heroes and promising to tell them anything they wished to know about the current events surrounding the mind control device. However, it would have to wait, as Chief Xerxes put out a desperate call on the Assembly’s comlinks: the Suits and the Slavs were having another fight on the streets, but this time the Slavs had hired super-powered mercenaries to turn the tide against the Suits. Not wanting to waste any time (especially after Xerxes link went down), the heroes hurried off with only a single large file given to them by Arachne as they departed.



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