The Assembly of Superheroes

The Beekeeper's Belligerent Bidding

The Terror Trio is defeated, but greater perils lie ahead...

The fight between the Assembly of Superheroes and the Terror Trio raged on. Dr. Solar was busy taking a concussion-induced nap as C-4 threw grenades left and right. The fighting rousted Calaveron from a small mental refresher in the modern art gallery as he walked right into the fight, seeing C-4 with some mummies. The Undertaker, still fuming over Dr. Solar’s knockout, turning his terrifying gaze on KAMEN RIDER again. The hero held his ground, filled with fear, but not fleeing. Unimpressed, the Undertaker summoned a hulking behemoth of a mummy called an Ushabti: it was 7 feet tall and carried a massive glaive, and began to advance upon the heroes. However, with Calaveron joining the fight, the Assemblymen gained a definitive advantage over the Terror Trio thanks to the skeleton’s magical abilities. With VictorE firing suppressing fire against C-4 and a few zombies, Calaveron used his spells to animate the bandoliers of grenades strapped to her body. The resulting explosion disintegrated the zombies and knocked C-4 back several feet, knocking her out in the process. KAMEN RIDER faced off against the Undertaker, able to hold his own against the Ushabti before decisively knocking out the necromancer with a swift and powerful RIDER KICK!!! The Terror Trio was finally defeated, leaving SFPD to do clean-up work as the Assemblymen returned to their trip to speak with the Beekeeper.

The heroes were welcomed into the prison anxiously, one of the guiding guards mentioning how the Beekeeper had been almost indifferent to their arrival. Everyone was worried about the potential for the Beekeeper to be committing crimes while still inside prison, so the Assemblymen were quickly ferried to one of the interview rooms where the Beekeeper was being held. Surprising no-one, Stresemann was in no mood to be helpful, content to taunt the heroes as they asked for his help. If they wanted his help, the heroes would have to negotiate for his transfer into a prison with lower security, a task that the whole team knew would be next to impossible. They interviewed the warden, who said the Beekeeper had been a model prisoner, if taciturn and sullen. KAMEN RIDER called Chief Shepard, who flat out told the young hero that there was no way the Beekeeper was getting any kind of deal. He suggested to try taking the device to another scientific expert, such as someone from the CORE or Thaumus Technologies. Taking the option, the heroes told the Beekeeper they’d “consider” his offer before they left for the CORE.

Dr. Philip Kleiner received the heroes warmly, also instantly recognizing the mind control device. He sent it down to one of the labs for analysis, hoping to find something new out about the machine. A preliminary analysis came back stating that the device would indeed affect humans, but at a significant risk. Due to the incompatibility of the technology’s original use and the modifications made to affect the human brain, prolonged exposure to the device’s effects would result in severe brain damage, ending in either savage rage or violent death. A moment later, Dr. Kleiner looked serious as he told the Assemblymen that the device was being appropriated for further study by an unknown party. Apparently the scientist could say no more, citing the information as classified and showing the heroes out. Confused and irritated, they returned to their vehicles, but stopped as they reached them. They found a large spider’s web spun between KAMEN RIDER’s bike and the Assemblymobile. It read: “If you want to know more, come to 251 Morrisey Street. No powers. No costumes.” It was signed with a strange symbol: a spider with the anarchy “A” on its back.



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