The Assembly of Superheroes

The Tribulations of the Terror Trio

Of spiked frozen yogurt, mind control, and magic zombies.

Our heroes were summoned from their unmasked lives and jobs to the Assembly Hall, each one arriving in their own time. With Calaveron arriving last, the team took the time to introduce themselves to their newest member, telling stories of their past. The Kraken and KAMEN RIDER told how they had teamed up to make the Assembly, saying how badly the city needed a new team of superheroes; Danbow Crash told them of how he defended the Rainbow Kingdom from an army of light-devouring Darkness Dragons; VictorE merely mentioned how he was shocked to know that ice cream had more than three flavors. Calaveron told the others how much he loved modern society, citing that as the reason why he became a super hero: anyone who wished to destroy or exploit it did not deserve the full wonders of today. Suddenly, Chief Shepard came in over the vidcom, telling the heroes that they had to come to SFPD headquarters immediately. Something had come up with Test Pattern and he would only speak to them. Resigned to having to associate with the crazed trickster, the Assemblymen raced over to the police station.

Chief Shepard met the heroes with a grim look. After searching and booking Test Pattern, a strange device had been found on his person. He showed it to them, with the Kraken and KAMEN RIDER instantly knowing what it was: the Beekeeper’s insect control device. Normally used to control insects through pheromones and electrical impulses, the machine had been modified somehow to work on humans. The trouble was that only Test Pattern knew what was what, leaving the heroes to interrogate them on their own. Calaveron tried reading his mind, but Test Pattern was too resilient. After babbling and annoying the heroes, he demanded a special kind of yogurt from a nearby store before saying anything else. KAMEN RIDER elected to go, but Calaveron pulled him aside, telling him how intoxicants could loosen mental defenses. KAMEN RIDER sped to the yogurt shop and back, doctoring the treat with a hefty dose of alcohol. His mind completely open, Calaveron managed to discover the source of the device: Test Pattern had received it through a PO box with an unsigned note that told him to use the technology however he wanted, with the mysterious benefactor watching and recording the effects. Finished, the heroes went back to the chief; Calaveron left for his museum home, exhausted by being in Test Pattern’s head for even five minutes. Shepard had set up an interview with the Beekeeper at his federal prison. As he was about to send the heroes on their way, he got a phone call which turned him sour once more. He revealed to the Assemblymen that the Terror Trio was attacking the House of Marvels.

The heroes arrived at the police cordon, seeing the work of C-4’s bombs on the stairs and entrance to the museum. They entered cautiously, but found only a strange laser tripwire set up in the main foyer. Thrown rocks passed through harmlessly, which only worried the heroes. KAMEN RIDER went up to the roof via grappling cable to get a better view. What he found there was Doctor Solar lying in wait, giving him a haymaker down to the middle of the hall. There, he found C-4 and The Undertaker, who had looted the exhibit for the Golden Falcon for a book of Egyptian magic, raising a cadre of mummies to do his bidding. Turning his fearsome gaze on the young hero, KAMEN RIDER flew into a panic and ran straight into the lasers, setting off explosive planted in the walls. Luckily the Kraken pulled him out of the blast with his mind tentacles. The fight between the two groups was furious and prolonged, with KAMEN RIDER punching out Dr. Solar and the mummies using their ancient magic to assault VictorE. It seemed the fight would need a while before either side could gain the advantage.



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