The Assembly of Superheroes

The Treacherous Trials of Test Pattern

The Assembly gains a new member and tests him out on an old foe.

The city of San Fernando was in mass celebration, marking the day when the newly formed Assembly of Superheroes had defeated the fiendish Beekeeper, putting a stop to his plans to plague California with pestilential insects. As such, a city-wide festival was held, with the Assembly holding auditions for a new member to join group. After emerging from the basement of the House of Marvels, the skeletal sorcerer known as Calaveron emerged into the empty employee lounge, finding a sheet with directions to the Assembly Hall for the auditions. Knowing the poor experiences he had with people knowing he was a magically animated skeleton, Calaveron wisely turned himself invisible with his magic powers, following the directions to a large metal and glass dome. Knowing heroes were expected, Calaveron entered the empty Assemblyhall.

The Kraken, KAMEN RIDER, and VictorE poured over a long list of applicants, each one less appealing than the last. They grumbled to themselves, feeling jealous of letting Danbow Crash leave to enjoy the festivities and learn more about Earth culture. Suddenly, Calaveron entered their presence. All three of them took notice to the walking, talking skeleton, particularly KAMEN RIDER, having had experience with fighting the undead servants of The Undertaker. The heroes decided to give Calaveron a chance, interviewing him before he demonstrated his remarkable magic skills, using illusions to create a fantastic display. Suitably impressed, the Assembly decided they would give him a try just as the Assembly Alert began to sound. On the main screen, Chief Xerxes Shepard appeared to tell the Assembly that a horrible event had taken place: a live music event at Norton Park was being held hostage by none other than The Beekeeper! But how could this be; he was in federal custody, wasn’t he? The Assembly decided to go rescue the citizen, with KAMEN RIDER changing into his suit and speeding off on his Kamen Cycle, while the rest following in the Assemblymobile.

The heroes arrived at a large police cordon, cutting off the area where the hostages were held. They crossed into the park and found the Beekeeper atop a bandstand where the members of Tunguska had been playing. Now they and their audience were mesmerized under the influence of the Beekeeper. The Beekeeper taunted the four heroes, claiming his superiority and victory, but there was something off about him. Soon KAMEN RIDER correctly guess that this “Beekeeper” was an impostor; he was none other than Test Pattern in disguise and playing games. Outwitted, Test Pattern dispelled the illusion before setting up a wall of fire in front of the heroes. He was very pleased to see them out, having been VERY bored even with all the festivities. The Kraken was first to attack, binding Test Pattern in his force tentacles, leaving VictorE open to attack the trickster. KAMEN RIDER went into Speed Mode and raced up onto the bandstand as Calaveron fended off minions with his magic, summoning bone spikes and enchanting goats to do his bidding. Soon the enthralled citizens were upon the heroes, breaking the Kraken’s concentration and freeing Test Pattern, who immediately began to flee. However, the eagle-eyed VictorE pulled off two shots with his guns, knocking Test Pattern into one of the park’s info booths and breaking the mind control over the citizens. Chief Shepard came into the park to congratulate the team on a job well done, voicing optimism for the inclusion of Calaveron into the Assembly.



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